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Lady Stairs Close, Edinburgh by Colin Myers Photography on Flickr.

Vikings Season 2 Promo | Ragnar 
If I don’t see you, you don’t see me. #hehe #nature #me #polishgirl #heheszki #noface #valarmorghulis

Glencoe by amberlight1 on Flickr.

Hey guys… So shit happens and my laptop broke down a few hours ago. I was literally one step away from finishing the latest tutorial and now I probably have to start over since all of the process photos were on there. I made a 50% off code for the doll patterns in my shop ( which is THXTUMBLR9. I would really appreciate a signal boost because I need to buy a new computer now. :(
You can also commission me for one of my monster dolls ($150+any extra materials I don’t have+ shipping). They’ll obv include a doll stand and I will probably asphyxiate from saying thank you too much. You can have as much or as little say in the design process that you want.

(by wildorange55)


Woods of Ypres | I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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